Ubili-Ka-Nka-Nkwu Ahaba !!

Ogbueshi Dr. Leroy Chuma Edozien


On Installation As

Ubili-Ka-Nka-Nkwu Ahaba !!


His Royal Majesty Obi Chike Edozien

Nnam Leroy Chuma Edozien

Distinguished Medical Doctor, Specialist Gynaecologist – Omu Ezi Umu

Gentle care taker of Women in their most intense hour of need.

Dalu. Thanks for what you have already done and be Blessed for what you are yet to do for Asaba and Nigeria

Odinmma! Weli nke luy’i .

Ubili-Ka-Nka-Nkwu Ahaba !!

Awele bu nke Yi, Nafa Jesus Amen 

N’mu bu Enyi: Nne Anyi Ji ka of Asaba 

Na Ekpelu yi Ekpele ‘a. Isseh! Amen 🙏

May You Live Long, Well and Blessed

In the Name of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 


Dora Obi Chizea, M.D. 

EnyiNne Anyi Ji Ka of Asaba (Ada Omu EjimaAncestral)

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