Tribute to Sonny: Ide of Asaba By Dr. Dora Obi Chizea, M.D.

Chapter 6

One Reality

Sitting on my own
Blessed Chair
I contemplated
The Passing on of
A Great Soul –
A wonderful Gentle and
Most Generous Man

A man who made
Everyone proud
To be whatever or whoever
They are: Janitor, Cleaner, Beggar,Engineer, Doctor, Nurse or Teacher
Administrator, Banker, Investor
Politician, Scholar, Writer
Musician, Designer or Dancer
Head of State, President
King or Queen

It did not matter
He loved, respected and
Welcomed all with
A Smile, broad as broad can be
To His Lavish Home and Hotel The Grand Hotel

We All called him
Young and Old alike…

I contemplated his loss -not quite knowing what to do – And just as I was about to start moaning about the Wisdom and Knowledge stored in his brain – that are now gone forever, the Spirit told me; “No knowledge or Wisdom is ever lost!”

“Wholeness can never change
‘Cos there is only
One Knowledge, One Wisdom
One Reality
And it is All contained
In One God!
To Whom
Can be Added or Removed”

Whaooh! I said to myself – So this means we all came into this life, we consider our reality – at the awakening of our awareness, thinking there are many realities, even alternate realities – as some say.
But it is not new, not old and not changing – yet it is ever renewing, ever aging, and ever changing.

Then where has all the knowledge and wisdom of our Departed Chief, Dr., Professor Sonny, the Pillar of his society gone?
Answer: To whence it came from – To God. In God. By God. Through God.
The Alpha and The Omega.

Indeed, Indeed
I reflecting, Echoed
Dust to Dust
Earth to Earth
Knowledge to Knowledge
Wisdom to Wisdom
Spirit to Spirit

This seems to give me a better understanding of what St Paul meant when he says “For now we see only as a reflection, as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face.
Now I know in part, then I shall know fully as I am fully known.” [1 Corinthians 13:12]

God is Life – All of it
God is Love – All of it
God is Wisdom – All of it
God is Knowledge – All of it
God is Reality – All of it

I shifted slightly, ever so slightly – on my Chair as I said; “Thank You God for making it possible to know Sonny while resident on Your Earth! And using him even in Passing, to teach me yet again!”

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