Tribute: Chief (AMB) V.S.O. Okobi

Tribute: Chief (AMB) V.S.O. Okobi , Osowa of Asaba

Mba Mba, I will not Mourn

Though Deep the Pain I feel.

I will Glory instead

In the Gift God gave us

Through the Life of His Excellency

Ambassador Vincent Sonny Okobi

The Osowa of Asaba


Sonny, Onye Obi omma,

Nwa Nne Ndi Enyi ka Enyi!

Okemili na ebu Ogwe

In place of Tears

I Shout Glory, Glory Hallelujah!

We Glory

Maka Egwu kwusie olua Unoh

For so is the journey of Earthlings

That the Day which Breaks with Cock Crow

Will at Sunset the Glory of Day retire.


Where do we start this song:

Nobility Personified – Vincent!

Pride of our Species

Gentleman of all Gentlemen

In Looks: Handsome Son of Asaba

Ndi Oma aji ama atu

In Dressing: Impeccable

And in Speech: Gentle, kind and without rancor

In Attitude: Goodwill to All

Never heard him Mock anyone

Even in jest.

Dependable Sonny

Onye Eziokwu

No Duplicity –

Whose Yes is Yes and No means No


Okobi nwa Echee, Onowu

Onye oma mali Nwanne

Always there for Family

While Friends are never forgotten

Ambassador, Nwa Mama, Omu Ejima

Nneh ji eme ngala (Mama Bragged on You)

Oji a’cheli Chukwu

(The kola nut we break as bread for God)

If Death was not a Gateway to Glory

We would have kept Our Brother- Vincent behind

But he must go – for his Greater Gain

And the Glory of God.

So, we say “Thank You- Dalu”

For a Life Superbly lived.

 Forever Love

Nwanne yi bu ‘Dora’

Dora Obiajulu Chizea, M.D.

Enyi: Nne Anyi ji ka of Asaba  


Oshimili! Oshimili!

Oshimili! Oshimili!
Onyeogali bu Dike!

Odinnobi ‘m
Nwa Mama!
Ebeyi ka E’je?

Ewooh Ewooh!
Asaba na Akwa
Nwa Echeeh Omogwu
Keh kanyi ga’esi kwa akwa?
Ya bu ibu do alor!

O’ mu Nwanneyi Shinneh
Dora Obiajulu Chizea
Enyi: Nneh Anyi ji ka of Asaba

[Excerpt] “Special Life Lessons from COVID-19 for the Fearless”

These ‘Key Highlights’ are inserted between Chapter 20 and the concluding Chapter 21 because they contain additional insight into the subject of this book. These insights could make much difference to Truth Seekers. You never know.

 It could be the difference between Life and Death, here on Earth or life and death, even after our first death; which is called Second Death, which God Forbid, no one should aspire to.

In inserting this segment, I note that being ‘Politically Correct’ is not an option for me because there is only One Truth.

Here are some key points dancing in my head:

  1.  Jesus is Truth, Light and Life but Sin thrives in Lies, basks in secrecy and like Covid-19 hates light so cannot stand exposure to the light of truth.
  2. Love is Life, Joy and Laughter but Sin is Death, Sadness and Depression
  3. Jesus is Love and Togetherness in Unity but Sin Hates and Divides the People, pulling them apart from God and from each other.
  4. Activities that bring Joy, Happiness, Brotherliness like Sports and Games, make the World Happy; while Human activities that Pollute or make Covid-19 thrive destroy the Wellness, Beauty and Fullness of Earth.
  5. Covid-19 Isolates, leads to loneliness and Bad outcome like sin does ultimately causing despair and death, sometimes violent; like suicide and gunshots
  6. Humanity’s initial solution of “shelter-in-place” appeared helpful at first, but was unstainable because Human Beings are inclined to be communal, not in separate cages
  7. Humanity ultimately learned to live in conscious awareness of potential Covid-19 but kept it at bay by avoidance, sanitizing the environment and possibly sterilizing it with UV light
  8. Just as with Sin, we learn to live with its potential injury, but keep it at bay by avoidance – Sanitizing through Prayer and destruction by exposing it to the Light of Christ Amen


If you choose well, you will bear much good fruit, that is, more people who see you will want to be like you in goodness, mercy and all the virtues of the Holy Spirit

The coronavirus bore much fruit too, except it was evil fruit with death as harvest. At the beginning of the Pandemic we were told 1 person infected up to 2-4 people which expanded in geometric proportion to encompass the whole world.

In a similar fashion, if you choose well and influence 2-4 people by lighting up their lives, your light of good choices will spread all over the world in the same geometric fashion, as long as you pass on the torch.

Choose well.


Those who believe and trust in the Mercy of God, Our Father will get to the Universal Promised Land which is Heaven, Abode of The King Forever – Amen!

Chapter 21

Model Leadership and Hope for Humanity

Jokes aside, some Leaders, brag about how clever and invincible they are because they can Lie and Deceive their Community, Region, Zone, State, Nation, Continent or even the whole World with endless fabrications.

In fact, some have become so proficient they even believe their own lies!

Unfortunately for them ‘a lie is a lie is a lie’ and it can only come from a source we spoke about at the beginning of this book and clearly identified in John 8:44

“You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out

your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning,

not holding to truth, for there is no truth in him.    

When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar

and the father of lies.”

[Bible Gateway-: father of lies …]

In case you do not recall why he got the ‘father of lies’ title, here is the explanation:

“So, Satan is not only the ‘father of lies,’ but of all those who suppress

the truth. From the beginning, Satan has been a liar. He told his first

lies  to Eve, to deceive her and draw her away from God. (Genesis 3: 1,4)

He was the first liar which makes him “the father of lies” in the same

way that Hippocrates is the father of modern medicine.


Lying Leaders who think they are appointed by God, better think again, because “by their fruit, you shall know them” [Matthew 7:16].

By bearing lies for fruit, they let the World know who their ‘father’ is!


Of course, there is always Repentance if they so choose.


Good Leaders and Aspiring Good Leaders, inclined toward accomplishing the right and truthful leadership responsibilities need a Model to focus on.

The characteristics of such a model based on ‘Common Good’ require that such leaders;

  1. Keep their Community Safe
  2. Maintain Peace and Good Neighborliness
  3. Provide appropriate Sustenance; Food, water, sanitation and basic necessities
  4. Even provide occasional community Banquets and Festivities to lighten the people’s heart and put a smile on their faces
  5. Help make them more Contented because they are ‘not in desperate want!’
  6. And encourage the Spirit of Friendship and  Goodwill to one another

These expectations are what every Human being deeply desires in their Heart from their Leadership. And the Psalmist in Psalm 23 articulates it profoundly, for us –

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

[KJV Psalm 23: 1-6]

And Humanity’s Good Shepherd, the Ideal Leader, identifies himself in John 10: 11-18, saying, “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives his life for the sheep….. And I lay down My life for the sheep.” (John 10: 11, 15)

While no one is asking any Leader to lay down their life for their followers and community; the above quote, clearly shows the shepherd’s commitment to the flock’s welfare.  

To make this point stick, Jesus gave us Peter, as model Community Leader, a Shepherd for the Followers. To succeed in this position, he must love first and then tend and feed the sheep and lambs.

“…Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon, son of Jonah,

Do you love Me more than these?” …

“…Feed My lambs.”

“…Tend (Take Care of) My sheep.”

“…Feed My sheep.”

[John 21: 15-17]

It was only after this Leadership Training that Jesus said to Peter, “Follow Me.” [John 21:19]. Not just as a Disciple but as ‘A Leader, A Shepherd’ of the people.

We should take note.


Perhaps, as Humanity undergoes this Season of Deep Cleansing, Leadership should remold itself in the example of Peter and in the nature of the Good Shepherd.

First, love the people under your charge. If you cannot, maybe you should seek another job or responsibility. Because it is only with love first, that you can find the fortitude to ‘tend and care’ for people.


Finally, Community itself, should consider remolding the pervasive selfishness and mediocrity of future leadership by requiring “Leadership Training Program for ALL Elected Leaders” before they resume their chairs.

Universities all over the world, should look at this option for the “Common Good of Humanity.” 

Thanks for your Time and for Caring to read this.


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This excerpt from my book Deep Cleansing ©2020  is the author’s view and theory. It is informational and for reference, and not intended to provide medical or spiritual advice or be a substitute for advice and/or care from the reader’s physician or spiritual adviser.

Dora Obi Chizea

Additional Tips for Self Care: Covid-19

– Do Not Sleep flat on your back
– Keep Head raised up on pillows with Face slightly turned to the Right or Left for easier breathing
– For Tickle in the Throat or Mucus in Throat, Gargle with Salt Water before Bed
– Use Inhaler as previously suggested
– And always follow CDC/WHO guidelines
– Wishing You Good Health


Bless us O lord and Keep Us Safe in Your Love and Mercy Amen.

Spring and New Beginnings
Bless us O lord and Keep Us Safe in Your Love and Mercy Amen.

Why Rescue Inhalers Like ProAir & Ventolin Are Effective in Early Respiratory Distress Of Covid-19

This Coronavirus (Covid-19) causes a tenacious, clear mucus film to form in the back of the throat closing the airway like a film of Soap Bubble!

People may not wheeze or produce much sound because the ‘soap bubble film’ does not allow air to move in and out.

So if one, at the beginning of much coughing or respiratory distress inhales one or two puffs of these or similar Rescue Inhalers, the action, besides breaking the ‘soap bubble film’ by Positive Pressure, provides some bronchodilation (making more room as it were) with resultant easier breathing.

The use of Cold/Iced Drinks and Foods are highly discouraged because they create conducive Culture environment for the virus to thrive in the throat. Stay away from the refrigerator!

Warm Water, Tea, Coffee, Hot Soup and similar foods are more appropriate and encouraged because they create a Hostile environment for the virus, which does not like heat. They die faster in heat. So drink Grandma’s Soup, it will do you more good.

By Dora O. Chizea, M.D.


This presentation is the author’s view and theory. It is informational and for reference, and not intended to provide medical or spiritual advice or be a substitute for advice and care from the reader’s personal physician or spiritual adviser.


State Governors: Did You Hear The Coronavirus Music Play?
Wake Up!

D-Chizea Campaign for Health in Nigeria: EVERY STATE Government must Own A World Class Hospital in Its STATE CAPITAL by 2022

April 2020 Newsletter:

There was no Newsletter for March 2020 because the whole World was doing the Covid-19 Dance!

Coronavirus came to remind us all we are All Creatures of God and all equal; no matter our station in life. We must look after one another.

In particular to remind Nigerian State Governors that Health for All the Citizens of their State, including themselves is the only Wealth that Matters.

Covid-19 Dance forgot the Dollars and Euros Stashed away in American, British and European Banks. Even the Yen in Chinese Bank accounts.

The Dance kept Private Jets and Planes grounded. No Nation welcomed you into their Country for Health Care, no matter how much you were willing to pay. The Bars and Restaurants were not even open for one to show off their wealth, pomp and power.

Covid-19 Dance was what we did alone or with family. So, we Danced and Danced and Danced …

Hopefully we got the message – Build Community Hospitals in every State Capital of Nigeria because when the next Covid-19 Dance Master calls out “Shelter in Place” it will be in your State and in Your Home. No Where to go.

The money stashed abroad will not help you the Governor or the People of your State – So we plead once more, – Make Nigerian Health in Every State Capital 2022 Campaign a reality. When there is the Will, there is always a Way. You may Beat Your Chest with Pride after you do that for your People and we will say “Kudos!”

If you thought our Call for Nigerian Health 2022 was wild, at first, we hope the Covid-19 Dance has changed the tune for you and most, if not all, the Nigerian Governors of the 36 States in Nigeria.

Time to Show you Care. Stay Safe.


State Governors: Time to Get Busy with Health for All in Your State

D-Chizea Campaign for Health in Nigeria: EVERY STATE Government must Own A World Class Hospital in Its STATE CAPITAL by 2022

January 2020 Newsletter:

We have started a New Year and a New Decade. Thank God.

It is time for each Nigerian State Governor to get busy with actualizing “Good Health for All” in their State.

The People should start asking their Governors for their New or Upgraded State Capital Community Hospital:

  1. Abia State Community Hospital Umuahia
  2. Adamawa State Community Hospital Yola
  3. Akwa Ibom State Community Hospital Uyo
  4. Anambra State Community Hospital Awka
  5. Bauchi State Community Hospital Bauchi
  6. Bayelsa State Community Hospital Yenagoa
  7. Benue State Community Hospital Makurdi
  8. Borno State Community Hospital Maiduguri
  9. Cross River State Community Hospital Calabar
  10. Delta State Community Hospital Asaba
  11. Ebonyi State Community Hospital Abakaliki
  12. Edo State Community Hospital Benin
  13. Ekiti State Community Hospital Ado-Ekiti
  14. Enugu State Community Hospital Enugu
  15. Gombe State Community Hospital Gombe
  16. Imo State Community Hospital Owerri
  17. Jigawa State Community Hospital Dutse
  18. Kaduna State Community Hospital Kaduna
  19. Kano State Community Hospital Kano
  20. Katsina State Community Hospital Katsina
  21. Kebbi State Community Hospital Birnin Kebbi
  22. Kogi State Community Hospital Lokoja
  23. Kwara State Community Hospital Ilorin
  24. Lagos State Community Hospital Ikeja
  25. Nasarawa State Community Hospital Lafia
  26. Niger State Community Hospital Minna
  27. Ogun State Community Hospital Abeokuta
  28. Ondo State Community Hospital Akure
  29. Osun State Community Hospital Osogbo
  30. Oyo State Community Hospital Ibadan
  31. Plateau State Community Hospital Jos
  32. Rivers State Community Hospital Port Harcourt
  33. Sokoto State Community Hospital Sokoto
  34. Taraba State Community Hospital Jalingo
  35. Yobe State Community Hospital Damaturu
  36. Zamfara State Community Hospital Gusau

Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Community Hospital Abuja

Pretending that providing a good Community Hospital System is not a necessary obligation of the Governor and Government of each State is no longer an acceptable position. The current excessive International Medical Tourism for which Nigeria is notorious for, making other nations take care of Nigerian Citizens, while the leaders neglect their people is abominable. That must stop.

The State Community Hospital System will bring Nigeria into Best Health Practices of the 2020’s; thereby curtailing the excessive wastefulness of life and resources plus help in restoring the Nigerian Health Dignity.


To the Lord
And you will find
Your lost self

To the Lord
And you will know
Who you are

To the Lord
And you will have
Healing for all your ailment

To the Lord
And you will enjoy
Peace beyond understanding

It is a Gift from God

Dora Obi Chizea (12/11/19)


Good Will & Good Health to All

D-Chizea Campaign for Health in Nigeria: EVERY STATE Government must Own A World Class Hospital in Its STATE CAPITAL by 2022

December 2019 Newsletter:

You are Happy when you do Good.

Rich or Poor, Head of State, Governor or Local Government Chairman – if you notice you are not happy find something good to do.

This Christmas and Good Will to All Mankind Season also bring You a Happy Healthy New Year 2020!

We hope Nigerian Leaders, especially Governors with the Power to Make a Difference in the Health and Welfare of the Citizens of Every State in Nigeria will show their goodwill by Resolving to Build or Upgrade the Hospital in their State Capital along the line of this Campaign for “Nigerian Health in Every State Capital 2022-“

This is the Season to do to Others as You wish they do to You. Make Good Health for the Children of the Poor a Reality even if they are not able to repay You. I know we can do it.

Best Wishes and Good Health to All Nigerians. Never Give Up.