Onye olu ka wa nye –



We Thank God for You achieving this milestone and being duely Recognized for the Great Work You Have Done and are Doing for Our People.

May You continue to be Blessed and Grow in Status- Under the Gaze of Almighty God

– Ike Agwuna yi!

– Jisi Ike. Ogabali!

Dr. Dora Obi Chizea

Enyi: Nne Anyi ji Ka of Asaba

Bryn Mawr College Class of ‘69:

Dora Obi Chizea and Her Friend Judy Liskin-Gasparro ; Bryn Mawr College Class of ‘69: In January 2021 Personal Reunion wishing all our Friends a Great 2021!

Ubili-Ka-Nka-Nkwu Ahaba !!

Ogbueshi Dr. Leroy Chuma Edozien


On Installation As

Ubili-Ka-Nka-Nkwu Ahaba !!


His Royal Majesty Obi Chike Edozien

Nnam Leroy Chuma Edozien

Distinguished Medical Doctor, Specialist Gynaecologist – Omu Ezi Umu

Gentle care taker of Women in their most intense hour of need.

Dalu. Thanks for what you have already done and be Blessed for what you are yet to do for Asaba and Nigeria

Odinmma! Weli nke luy’i .

Ubili-Ka-Nka-Nkwu Ahaba !!

Awele bu nke Yi, Nafa Jesus Amen 

N’mu bu Enyi: Nne Anyi Ji ka of Asaba 

Na Ekpelu yi Ekpele ‘a. Isseh! Amen 🙏

May You Live Long, Well and Blessed

In the Name of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 


Dora Obi Chizea, M.D. 

EnyiNne Anyi Ji Ka of Asaba (Ada Omu EjimaAncestral)

Tribute to Sonny: Ide of Asaba By Dr. Dora Obi Chizea, M.D.

Chapter 6

One Reality

Sitting on my own
Blessed Chair
I contemplated
The Passing on of
A Great Soul –
A wonderful Gentle and
Most Generous Man

A man who made
Everyone proud
To be whatever or whoever
They are: Janitor, Cleaner, Beggar,Engineer, Doctor, Nurse or Teacher
Administrator, Banker, Investor
Politician, Scholar, Writer
Musician, Designer or Dancer
Head of State, President
King or Queen

It did not matter
He loved, respected and
Welcomed all with
A Smile, broad as broad can be
To His Lavish Home and Hotel The Grand Hotel

We All called him
Young and Old alike…

I contemplated his loss -not quite knowing what to do – And just as I was about to start moaning about the Wisdom and Knowledge stored in his brain – that are now gone forever, the Spirit told me; “No knowledge or Wisdom is ever lost!”

“Wholeness can never change
‘Cos there is only
One Knowledge, One Wisdom
One Reality
And it is All contained
In One God!
To Whom
Can be Added or Removed”

Whaooh! I said to myself – So this means we all came into this life, we consider our reality – at the awakening of our awareness, thinking there are many realities, even alternate realities – as some say.
But it is not new, not old and not changing – yet it is ever renewing, ever aging, and ever changing.

Then where has all the knowledge and wisdom of our Departed Chief, Dr., Professor Sonny, the Pillar of his society gone?
Answer: To whence it came from – To God. In God. By God. Through God.
The Alpha and The Omega.

Indeed, Indeed
I reflecting, Echoed
Dust to Dust
Earth to Earth
Knowledge to Knowledge
Wisdom to Wisdom
Spirit to Spirit

This seems to give me a better understanding of what St Paul meant when he says “For now we see only as a reflection, as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face.
Now I know in part, then I shall know fully as I am fully known.” [1 Corinthians 13:12]

God is Life – All of it
God is Love – All of it
God is Wisdom – All of it
God is Knowledge – All of it
God is Reality – All of it

I shifted slightly, ever so slightly – on my Chair as I said; “Thank You God for making it possible to know Sonny while resident on Your Earth! And using him even in Passing, to teach me yet again!”

The Color of God

The Color of God

God is Red
God is Blue, White and Orange
God is Green, Black and Purple
Perhaps Yellow too

God Is –
Every Color
All in One
For All Color
Proceeds from God
Who made Every Reality
And is All One in –
The Color of God

Dora Obi Chizea
September 2020

Inu Mbekwu How The Tortoise Got His Shell

Tales By Moonlight
Inu Mbekwu
How The Tortoise Got His Shell

Inu’m Ebupu sina Ahaba Okwe
Jegide, Jegide Lua na Am’rika…
My Story, Story began it’s Journey from Asaba Okwe!
It walked and Walked until it landed in that Distant Land called Am’rika (America)
It is the Tale of Mbekwu the Tortoise the notorious Trickster
How he got caught up in his own trick.

So there was famine in the land and people had no food to eat.
Mbekwu sometimes called Mbe the Tortise
Was living in a far away land called Ani Idu (Land of Magic)
The King got their Magician to call up all the fish in the river
So their land can have something to eat during the famine-
The people spent days making Smoked Fish
But Mbe the Tortoise, wanted to keep all to himself

So in the night he made a Big Box and stuffed all the fish
He snuck out of town while the people were sleeping
He planned to cross the Big River, Oshimili
To the other side, ufesi mili, outside Ani Idu’s jurisdiction

So he walked and walked.
He walked and walked carrying the heavy box of dry fish
He walked and walked until it was Cock crow
The Antelope was the First to meet Mbe with his heavy load
“Where are you going this early in the morning, Mbe?” Antelope asked
“Terrible, Terrible News! I told my Stubborn Daughter not to cross
The other river to get a Husband
But she stubbornly crossed that river
And Death stubbornly killed her
And I stubbornly crossed the river to carry her body home!”

“What a sad tale” Antelope said.
“Can I help you carry her body home?”
“No, No! These youths don’t listen to the wisdom of elders
I’ll suffer it by myself”
Mbe replied, as he hurried away
Walking, Walking, Walking until the Third Cock crow.

If he does not cross the river before Daylight
The hungry might get at him and steal his fish
Just then Tiger (Agu) showed up
“Where are you going this early in the morning, Mbe?” Tiger asked
“Terrible, Terrible News! I told my Stubborn Daughter not to cross
The other river to get a Husband
But she stubbornly crossed that river
And Death stubbornly killed her
And I stubbornly crossed the river to carry her body home!”

“What a sad tale” Tiger said
“Can I help you carry her body home?”
“No, No! These youth don’t listen to the wisdom of elders
I’ll suffer it by myself”
Mbe replied as he hurried away
Hoping and Hoping Tiger does not change his mind
He walked and walked and walked

At Daylight just as he got to the Oshimili river bank, about to cross
Fox the Cunning, showed up!
“Where are you going this early morning, Mbe?” Fox asked
“Terrible, Terrible News! I told my Stubborn daughter not to cross
The other river to get a Husband
But she stubbornly crossed that river
And Death stubbornly killed her
And I stubbornly crossed the river to carry her body home!”

“It is abomination for a person to carry a dead body across
this section of the river alone. I will help you carry her body”
Fox told Mbe
“No, No! These youths don’t listen to the wisdom of elders
I’ll suffer it by myself because she is my only Daughter
And already an abomination!” Mbe replied.

“Abomination meets Abomination! I smell smoked fish!
I must see what is in that Big Box!” Fox told Mbe
“No, No! it’s my sorrow let me bear it alone!” Mbe said
As he tried to get away from Fox
But Fox will not let Mbe cross the river.
As they struggled, the Big Box fell and spilled the smoked fish!
“So this is what you want to eat alone while I am starving!
I will help you bury your Daughter here at the river bank”
Fox told Mbe, as he put the Big Box over Mbe

Mbe moaned and groaned under the Big Box
While Fox ate all the smoked fish
And left Mbe under the Big Box until the Famine was over-
By the time the Rains came
The Big Box was stuck on Mbe’s skin
And that is How the Tortoise Got His Shell!

Story, Story Inu’m Elugo Obodo Am’rika…

Obiajulu Chizea


“For Your Eyes Only” – Just You

Sitting on Your Front Porch
In your Back Yard
By the Swimming Pool
Even at the Beach
Or perhaps on the Park Bench

You Look Out and Up
And it is the Sky
Painting just for ‘Your Eyes Only’
Just You

The next person to You
Child, Father, Mother
Friend or Strangers
Looking Out and Up
Also sees the Sky
Painting just for Him or Her
‘Cos every eye beholds
His or Her Own Creation
The way the Maker
Paints the Sky
Just for Them

As you sit and watch
Enjoy every moment
And every choreography
Of the Dance of God’s Sky
Gently enveloping you
In this perennial show
Of Forever Present
Painting of Love
From God- Our Father
‘For Your Eyes Only’
-Just You!

Dora Obi Chizea
August 2020

New Book Announcement!

New Book Announcement!

By the Grace, Love and Mercy of God, I write to let you know that my latest Book, “Deep Cleansing” has just been released.

There is something in it for Everyone! There is no ‘Book Signing Event’ due to current Covid-19 situation. You may wish to read or purchase it using any of these options:

• Read online or e-Book on Kindle: —
• Purchase Hard Copy from Amazon: —-
• Purchase Hard Copy from Dora Chizea Productions: —  BBHP QUESTIONS_BOOKS-PAYMENT PORTAL (select books and go to relevant section below)

I will be most appreciative of your feedback, so I can try and do better.
Thanks and God Bless Amen

Dora Obi Chizea, M.D.

A.I. – Artificial Intelligence

A.I. – Artificial Intelligence

A.I. -Artificial Intelligence
An illusion –
Like a mirage
In the Desert

A.I. separate existence
Cannot have,
For it is Humanity’s Collective Intelligence
In Cyber Space
And Flawed
Like its flawed Human-maker

So, when next A.I. as wisdom,
You Source for Answers-
Remember there is
Only One
With all Answers
His Name – God.

Dora Obi Chizea ( August 2020)

Problem Solving 2020 (Poem)

Problem Solving 2020
A Poem
By Dora Obi Chizea

Problem Solving 2020
Is Easy as Easy can be
Just get the “God App”
And click on Jesus button
With Problems and Issues to resolve

All Done!
For Stat comes the Download
From the Holy Spirit Knowledge Store
And Voila!

All declare
Your Problem Solving Skill

Time to Share
The Secret …

Dora Obi Chizea